Lhamo’s Fund


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Lhamo is a 9-year-old girl in Ritoma village who is great at math, board games, and is full of life. Lhamo is afflicted with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA); no longer able to use her legs, this disease slowly degenerates muscle use throughout the body.

As we wait for a cure to be found, Norlha is doing everything possible to ensure Lhamo receives the best treatment to prolong the quality of her life. Funds will be used for various treatment programs, including:

occupational/physical therapy
nutrition and supplement programs
hospital and neurological visits
special needs equipment
clinical trials and research

Lhamo doing homework at home with her kitten, GarCha
Lhamo in class with her best friend Norzin
Lhamo with Norzin and her tutor, Andrew