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2 General Weekend Tickets to East Meets West

30 Minute In-Office Meditation Workshop

4 Event Tickets to Medi Club


Online/In-Person Meditation Courses

1-Hour MNDFL Sound Bath + Cushion

Waived Application Fee & 1-on-1 Portfolio Review

Mind & Body Restore Session w/ Mike Rosen

Leadership & Wellness Sessions w/ Jeff Bausemer

Health & Herbalism Consultation w/ Rachelle Robinett

Yoga Sessions with Joanna


2 General Access Weekend Tickets to East Meets West
San Fransisco 2017 (October 14-15) or NYC 2018/2019

These tickets will give you general access to one of East Meets West’s upcoming events. East Meets West is a series of conferences and festivals that curate international entertainment and catalyze conversation around wellness and wisdom in order to bring about lasting human health and happiness.


30 minute In-Office Meditation Workshop

Journey Meditation leads in office guided meditation programming at Disney, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, Facebook and many others. Above all, they’re focused on sharing meditation in a way that’s simple, approachable, dynamic, and intuitive and have done so by building a curriculum informed by top meditation teachers, psychologists, and neuroscientists. A 30 minute class includes a brief primer on the science of meditation, reminders for beginners on how to meditate, a 10-12 minute guided practice, Q&A, and a daily tip to help employees bring these practices into their everyday lives.

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4 Tickets to a Medi Club of your choice

We’re a collective of thousands of New Yorkers that share meditation as a common thread. We come together to meditate, collaborate, meet new people and discuss topics relevant to modern living. Our events are once per month and include some kind of artistic share / performance, a group meditation, light bites, and conversation.

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8-Day Online Training

zivaMIND is an in depth and easy to follow online meditation training. In just 8 days you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of meditation and have a self-sufficient practice to take with you for life. Emily Fletcher will guide you step-by-step and teach you how to make your daily practice non-negotiable. You’ll quickly learn that meditation can be effortless and enjoyable.Description 2: Our In Person training, 4-Day Ziva Meditation Course

4-Day In-Person Meditation Course

The live Ziva Meditation Course is a 4-day program that will give you a twice-a-day meditation practice to take with you for life. Through the course, Emily Fletcher will teach you the Ziva Technique, where this practice comes from and what makes it so powerful, and the neuroscience behind it all. You can always return to take the course again free of charge, as Ziva offers a lifetime of follow-up and support. Come learn how Ziva can help you stress less and accomplish more.


1-Hour Sound Bath + Cushion

MNDFL Sound Bath is a deeply immersive and meditative sound experience. You lie down with a blanket, pillow, and eye pillow to relax while listening to the soothing sounds of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, and various highly resonant instruments. The perfect setting to support the process of natural healing in the body and mind for 60 minutes.

MNDFL Cushions are the total package of comfort and support so you can focus on your practice. Elevate your pelvis and support your spine with the round cushion, and give your knees a soft landing with the flat cushion underneath.

  • Round cushion is 14″ diameter x 6″ height / approx 6 lbs
  • Round cushion is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, millet hulls, and lavender
  • Flat cushion is 30″ square x 3″ height / approx 6 lbs 8 oz
  • Flat cushion is filled with dense, plush cotton
  • Outer cover of both cushions are removable for convenient cleaning
  • Made in the USA


1-on-1 Portfolio Review and Waived Application Fee

SHIM is an advocate for the self-empowered. We help artists and groups present professional quality exhibitions BY AND FOR themselves. No gallery commissions. No lease.

We are a full service arts management company dedicated to changing the artists/gallery relationship by leveling the field.

Applications from individual artists seeking SHIM’s exhibition and residency opportunities are accepted year-round on a rolling basis. Via the streamlined application below, you can apply to our programs all at once; no need to fill out multiple applications for multiple opportunities and no need to worry about missing deadlines for consideration. Once in our system, your application will be held for 12 months and considered for all opportunities within the programs you’ve applied for during that period.


Integrated Mind Body Restore Session with Mike Rosen

Mike Rosen brings traditional modalities like restorative yoga, aromatherapy, meditation and breath awareness to high stress environments. Mike will weave all of these techniques into a special integrative therapy session customized to your needs. You’ll leave anxiety behind as you unwind and get ready to take on the rest of your day. Mike has taught at the offices of L’Oreal Clark, Tiffany & Co., Tough Mudder along with several local high schools.


Personal and Professional Leadership and Wellness Consultation and Follow up Session with Jeff Bausemer

The initial consultation is a comprehensive look at your unique individual life and health patterns. During this session we will review your emotional, psychological and professional concerns and goals, and do a thorough review of your mind-body systems, diet, medications, and review any supplements you are currently taking. We will also explore any traumas and over-arching psychodramas and explore options for integration and rehabilitation, primarily through work with herbal formulas and ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations. During the follow up consultation you will meet with Jeff to discuss your experience with the herbal formulas and associated lifestyle changes and recommendations. During the follow up we may decide to modify your formula or dosage and we will coach you through the next phase of the work.

Jeff Bausemer is an entrepreneur, event producer, musical and visual artist, comedian, and professional wellness, leadership and business adviser with a strong interest in traditional wellness, innovation and ideas. He founded East Meets West in 2014, a series of conferences and festivals that curate international entertainment and catalyze conversation around wellness and wisdom in order to bring about lasting human health and happiness. As a business, wellness and leadership adviser, I specialize in working with businesses and individuals who have a focus in the fields of creativity, wellness, and music, who are fundamentally good with a commitment to social impact.


Health & Herbalism Consultation with Rachelle Robinett

Rachelle is a Certified Complementary & Integrative Health Guide combining natural approaches to health with transformative lifestyle practices for awesome wellbeing. RX Wellness Sessions include a consideration of your whole health – mind, body, lifestyle – and specific, personal recommendations for natural improvements. Focuses can be general or specific – from plant-based wellness overall, to targeting a particular health goal (be it digestive issues, stress/anxiety, weight loss, practical herbalism).