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Lhamo’s Fund

Lhamo is a 9-year-old girl in Ritoma village afflicted with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. No longer able to use her legs, this disease slowly degenerates muscle use throughout the body. As we wait for a cure to be found, Norlha is doing everything possible to ensure Lhamo receives the best treatment to prolong the quality of her life. Funds will be used for various treatment programs, including occupational/physical therapy, nutrition and supplement programs, and possible stem cell treatment.


Sessions for Empowered Women of Norlha (SEWN) Fund

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For many Tibetan nomadic women, life is extremely difficult.

Norlha has completely revamped the lives of these women, offering them new opportunities and a chance at a new life. Though there are still some societal norms

One year ago, a women’s sports team at Norlha or anywhere in the region was a very foreign concept. Normally women do not meet outside of their own families, tending to chores at home outside of work. Through the support of Norlha Management and the men’s team, however, the women became more and more comfortable with the idea. Now, the basketball team serves more of a support group than a basketball team. The women take part in yoga, basketball training, physical exercises, and English classes almost every day, all offered for free by Norlha’s dedicated volunteers.

Every other Saturday they meet up for dinner to sing, dance, learn about the world beyond their village and discuss their aspirations.

This has turned into Sessions for Empowered Women of Norlha (SEWN).

There are still many opportunities for growth, especially for the women who are brides coming from outside of the village. They have more duties around the house than those from the village, and would not be able to join an activity such as this if it costs the family extra money. $10/week , $100 can cover one woman’s participation in the SEWN program for the year.


Friends of Tibet Fund: Nepal Basketball


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Norlha Basketball is teaming up with Tibet’s neighbors to the West, Nepal, with their basketball development endeavors. This program is led by Maya Shyangtan – Nepal National Women’s Team member and a pioneer in basketball development in Nepal. Your donation will go directly to their development efforts as they recover from the devastating earthquake that struck in 2015.


Sponsor Equipment

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Medicine Ball Weight Set

Portable Basketball Hoop

Dumbbell Weight Set
Men, Women, Youth

Covers nine months worth of basketball apparel and equipment, participation in local and regional tournaments, 5 days/week basketball and wellness training, and English classes for one Tibetan player

Maqu Tournament
One of the largest and highest basketball tournaments in the world with 60 Tibetan teams at 11,500 feet. Covers the travel, food, lodging and registration costs for the Norlha men’s team to participate

Norlha Laptse Tournament

Norlha’s own annual tournament; covers the food, travel, lodging and prize expenses for the top 10 regional Tibetan nomadic and monk teams to participate