Strength & Empowerment for Women of Norlha (S.E.W.N.) Fund


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For many Tibetan nomadic women, life is extremely difficult. Working outside in the harsh environment of the Plateau, they tend to rigorous chores and tasks necessary for their family’s survival, sometimes up to 20 hours per day.

Norlha has completely rejuvenated the hope of these formerly nomadic women, offering them healthy employment, new opportunities and a chance at a new life.


One year ago, a women’s sports team at Norlha or anywhere in the region was an unknown concept. Women do not normally have the opportunity to meet together socially outside of their own families. Through the support of Norlha and the men’s basketball team, however, the women became more and more comfortable with the idea of participating in sports.

Now, the women’s basketball team has grown into something more than a team, a support group. The women take part in yoga, basketball training, physical exercises, or English classes nearly every day, all offered for free by Norlha’s dedicated volunteers.

Every other Saturday these women meet up for dinner to sing, dance, learn about the world beyond their village and discuss their aspirations.

This program has turned into Strength & Empowerment for Women of Norlha (SEWN).



There are still many opportunities for growth and attracting more village women, especially those who are brides coming from outside of the village. These women have more duties around the house than those from the village, and would not be able to join an activity such as SEWN if it costs the family extra money.

$500 can cover one woman’s participation in the SEWN program for the year.