The Social Enterprise – Norlha Textiles

Ritoma village is home to 1,500 Tibetan nomads, 60 Buddhist monks, and thousands of years of ancient culture. It is also home to Norlha Textiles, an innovative Tibetan-ran social enterprise enriching the lives of its people.


Nomadism as a way of life is on the decline on the Plateau. In 2007, Norlha was established to allow nomadic families to stay in their native areas, earn a living, and preserve their culture. Through job training and skill development, these nomads turned artisans create timeless textile products using the Plateau’s finest yak wool.


In addition to creating sustainable local employment, Norlha Textiles is intimately involved in the community. Norlha Basketball is proud to be an initiative of the Norlha Wellness program, bringing healthy living practices to the surrounding Plateau.

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